Bad First Kiss: Death for Your Future Relationships?

Anyone gets excited before a first date. There are tons of questions in your mind, like “how will it go?”, “will he/she like me?”, “do I smell good?” lol and probably the most intriguing one “is there a kiss after?”

We all know kisses can be even more sensual than sexual. Actually, a kiss is something that lets you know “I want to spend a night with this person”. Well, a good kiss definitely. However, not every kiss is a good one. Not an okay one even. So here is the issue we are going to discuss: is a bad kiss the end or there’s still a hope?

Before making a final decision about that bad first kiss, ask yourself was the kiss terribly-bad or just awkward-bad. We all felt clumsy at such moments and sometimes this feeling was even close to fainting, right? So there’s no need to surprise, the first kiss can be really awkward. But awkward is not bad, there is a big difference actually.

Still sure that your date was a bad kisser? Look at their types and you’ll think that the kiss was not that bad:

  1. The Vampire. No hickeys, please.
  2. The Buffet. Okay, now I know what you’ve had for breakfast.
  3. The Prude. Come on, open your mouth!
  4. The Cannibal. Huge NO to biting overdose.
  5. The Reptile. Fast tongue moves? Leave it to snakes, please.
  6. The Thirsty Dog. My mouth is not a water bowl, buddy.
  7. The Washing Machine. Swirling your tongue in my mouth – NO.

So what will you say now? Bad first kiss anyway? There’s a thing to think over: it was just the wrong something. Wrong place, wrong time, wrong decision. You can always have a laugh together at your bad kiss and just forget about it. Of course, in this case, you have to make sure that your second one will be just perfect. Have you ever felt that you want to go on kissing this person so badly till you lose your breath? Here it is, a perfect kiss.

Anyway, if you think the kiss was dreadful but you really liked that person – give your date a chance. Perhaps it was just nerves, or… the person is a terrible kisser. Then leave.

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