Why dating sucks and how can you help it

Dating is hard. The more dates you have the more disappointed you become. Till you start enjoying the dating game and everything that comes with it, you won’t be able to succeed in dating. And all this experience can be very nice if you just look at it from another side.

Though, don’t get it wrong. We totally understand your dating struggles. And here are the reasons why dating sucks and how can you help it.

It’s exhausting

First, you worry about how you should look or act. Then you are bored by listening to some weird stuff your date can’t stop talking about. And there are always these kinds of struggles like: Who should pay for the meal? Is it okay to kiss on the first date? Should you say that nothing will work out, or simply ghost out?

Even if it ends up quite good, you are still left with worries about who should text first after the date. And when you should meet again.

It’s like a lottery: you put too much effort into this, but don’t even know if it will work out eventually.

You start easing up

Since it’s so hard to find someone special, you start thinking that maybe the problem is not in them but in your high standards. So, you try to lower them down and then you realize that nope, it got even worse. On the one hand, being picky cause even more trouble when you are in the dating game. But on the other hand, it’s not really worth it to settle down for someone who doesn’t meet your expectations.

When you start lowering your expectations you will never be satisfied with what you get. At the same time, it’s really hard to find someone perfect for you. At this point of your life, you understand that dating sucks and you’d better settle down as fast as it’s possible.

Only 1 of 4 potential dates actually become real

When you are dating on dating apps you meet a lot of people. Most of them actually seem nice and you start thinking that maybe he/she could be the one. Though, when it comes to the actual meeting, some of them just disappear. Unfortunately, ghosting is a very popular phenomenon on the dating scene and we can do nothing about it. Though, it still feels sad that you lose one more potential date and it’s kind of takes out the courage for your future dating experience.

Don’t get scared. There always be people who are not good enough for you. But dating is not just something that takes your time, nerves and will for any new relationship. Dating is a new possibility; it’s something that helps you to find your perfect match from many other people; it’s a unique way of growing and discovering more about people around. Even if sometimes you think that dating sucks and you want to give up, don’t forget that dating can be actually fun and with the right attitude you can enjoy it fully.

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