Implications from the Choices Backdating Scandal with regard to 2007; A few Queries

Do you know the best 3 implications from the choices backdating scandal?
Should you take away the typical taxes outcomes, shareholder legal cases, restatement, and so on. Exactly what points perform all of us observe decreasing when it comes to legislation/new foibles as well as exactly where would be the possibilities?
1. Returning to Professional payment: This said to be aimed along with shareholder, however because types of Cyberonics highlights, not really precisely. All of us observe types of Search engines, Apple company as well as Google having to pay their own Main Professionals just $1 because their own spend as well as relaxation within choices payment. May this particular alter? May businesses totally cease having to pay wages? Or even may these people stay with providing choices in order to best professionals on it’s own?
four. Review duties: Numerous customers we now have presently set up an additional group of auditors (besides the main one these people currently use) to have “independent” 3rd party with regard to inner analysis. May this particular carry on following the backdating may be squared aside? Can there be the requirement for the auditor in order to review your own auditor?
Fascinating queries.

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